Someone steals Black Cherry Cobbler's black cherry.


Blueberry Muffin and Crystal Frosting are playing Solitaire when Black Cherry Cobbler runs to them screaming. "Someone's stolen my black cherry!" Black Cherry Cobbler exclaims. "Oh no Black Cherry Cobbler, someone stole your black cherry?" Blueberry Muffin says. "I bet it was Fudge Packer, he loves black cherries!" Black Cherry Cobbler implies. Fudge Packer comes over to defend himself and says, "I would never take someone's black cherry without their consent," to which Red Velvet pops out of the bushes and says, "Mmm, that ain't what I heard!" "Oh shut up Red Velvet!" Fudge Packer says angrily. Caramel Cake Baker is in his home reading "The Velvet Times" when a rock cupcake flies through his window. He looks out his window to see Blueberry Muffin, Black Cherry Cobbler and Sunshine Lemonade outside. "What the fuck do you want?" Carmel Cake Baker asks angrily. "We're very fucking mad at you!" Blueberry Muffin says. "What the hell are you talking about?" Caramel Cake Baker says. "You stole my black cherry!" Black Cherry Cobbler exclaims. "Ha, sorry honey, I'm into German chicks." Caramel Cake Baker says and shuts his window. He then goes back into the living room and starts to smell fire. He looks around and sees that his entire house is burning. He runs to his wall to a picture of his mother and his favorite chef. "Oh my. Mama, and Martha Stewart, only time to save one of you!" he says and grabs the Martha Stewart picture and runs outside. As he runs outside, the trio start to stone him to death with cupcake rocks. While throwing the rocks, Black Cherry Cobbler says to himself, "I'm not sure how this gets my black cherry back." Blueberry Muffin, Black Cherry Cobbler, Fudge Packer, and Red Velvet gather around a hole and throw the Caramel Cake Baker in it. "Nobody better say a damn word about this, or we all go to Reaper's Island for a very long time!" Blueberry Muffin says. Just then, Raspberry Pie walks up to them eating a black cherry. "'Sup?" he says with his mouth full. "My black cherry! Raspberry Pie, you asshole, I can't believe you took my black cherry!" Black Cherry Cobbler says and chases Raspberry Pie. "I heard he left home cause his daddy took his black cherry!" Red Velvet says, making the situation more awkward. "Blam! You all get a taste of the red velvet!" he says and walks away sticking his middle finger up at everyone.