Blueberry Muffin and Red Velvet have a disagreement about slavery.


Blueberry Muffin is in the Cotton Candy fields watching the chocolate chip workers pick the cotton candy when Red Velvet runs up to him. "Yo Blue. What you doin' keepin' my chips workin' in this sun like this?" Red Velvet says angrily. "Well, I can. I am Sweet & Sour King of the Blueberry Lands, I can do what I want!" Blueberry Muffin replies. "Yo dawg, this ain't right. Slavery shouldn't be around nowadays. These my chips, my homies!" "Ok, Red Velvet, cut the shit, I have no idea what the hell you're saying speak normal!" Red Velvet flips Blueberry Muffin off and he throws a rock at him. Sunshine Lemonade comes out of nowhere and says "You just committed a hate crime towards Chocolate Chips!" "But Red Velvet isn't a Chocolate Chip." Blueberry Muffin says. "Red Velvet is a lighter form of Chocolate, therefore, you must go to jail." Sunshine Lemonade says. The police come and arrest Blueberry Muffin and take Red Velvet to the hospital and release all of the Chocolate Chips.


Slavery and hate crimes are wrong and shouldn't be done.