Chubby Needs an Name is given a name he will never forget.


Blueberry Muffin excites over the fact that Chubby Needs a Name’s wish came true. “Chubby Needs a Name your wish came true, you have a pet chocolate chip dog of your very own!” Blueberry Muffin exclaims. “Yes, Blueberry Muffin, but I have another wish. I want a name of my very own too!” Chubby says. “We should consider giving you a name soon, and not leave it open to debate. The Blueberry Lands are very sheltered but it’s a big world out there, and others might have very different opinions on what constitutes an appropriate name.” Blueberry Muffin explains. Chubby says that he’s not worried and Red Velvet bursts open the door. “Oh, hello Red Velvet.” Blueberry Muffin says, annoyed at Red Velvet’s presence. “What’s up hoes?” Red Velvet says and he walks over to the refrigerator where he farts softly and breaks a finger nail. He gets a Sierra Mist out of the fridge and walks to the door, giving Blueberry Muffin the evil eye while doing so. “Whew, anyway, I’m sure sure that someday, someone will give you a name—“ Blueberry Muffin is cut off as Red Velvet bursts through the window. “Blam! You name is fuck face! You fuckin’ fuck face! Blam, fuck face! B-lam, fuck, face! Blam bitches! Duh-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaa! Red Velvet!” Red Velvet screams, and he slams the door, only to open it back up to knock down Blueberry Muffin’s tea pot. “Ugh, I am so sorry. I think he has Aspergers or something. But, don’t take it personally Chubby Needs a Name.” Blueberry Muffin says, to which Chubby replies joyfully, “No no. Call me ‘Fuck Face’!”