Chocolate Thunder is left home alone.


Blueberry Muffin is preparing to go on a trip to the Red Velvet Mountains and, fearing for his grandson's safety, he decides to leave him home alone. "Ok Choco, you're gonna have to be responsible and stay here home alone," Blueberry Muffin says, "But since I don't trust you, I've called Vanilla Cream to come and babysit you." "What! Why don't you trust me?" Chocolate Thunder asks. "I don't answer stupid questions stupid people know the answer to!" Blueberry Muffin says, annoyed, and leaves. Two minutes later, Vanilla Cream knocks on the door to which Chocolate Thunder opens it. "Hey Choco, it's your uncle Cream!" Vanilla Cream says. "Hi uncle Cream." Chocolate Thunder says, annoyed. "So what do you want to do today?" Vanilla Cream asks. "I wanna see you leave," Chocolate Thunder says, "I'm better off alone." For two hours, Vanilla Cream tries to bond with Chocolate Thunder and make him happy. Chocolate Thunder finally gets fed up and decides to make a plan to make Vanilla Cream leave. Chocolate Thunder sets up various traps, starting from Vanilla Cream's room to the front door. "This is gonna be just like 'Home Alone'!" Chocolate Thunder says to himself. Chocolate Thunder runs to hide while Vanilla Cream comes out of the room. "And so I told him, 'You gotta keep that thing safe or else' --" Vanilla Cream is cut off as he steps and slips down the stairs on one of Chocolate Thunder's toy cars. Vanilla Cream slams smack-dead into the wall and is injured. He then gets up and runs to the bathroom to check on his face and unknowingly sets off a tripwire and broken glass is shot out at his face. Vanilla Cream screams in horror and runs to the kitchen where Chocolate Thunder is waiting behind the door with a frying pan in his hand. As soon as Vanilla Cream touches the threshold of the kitchen, Chocolate Thunder hits him dead in the face pushing the glass further in his face. Vanilla Cream screams in excruciating pain and runs out of the house. Two days, Blueberry Muffin storms in the house, furious at Chocolate Thunder. "What the hell did you do to your uncle Vanilla Cream!" Blueberry Muffin asks angrily. "Look Muffin-Top, I couldn't be in a house with a boy's whose name sounds like cum. I'm sure that's illegal." Chocolate Thunder replies. The episode ends with Blueberry Muffin's veins throbbing in his head.